We would like to offer our proud congratulations to all of our students who have completed a course so far! When you receive your temporary certification card, it not only proves that you have shown commitment to your course studies and the standards PADI has set for diving – it also boasts that you are witness to something amazing that few people have the opportunity to experience.
Your adventure doesn’t need to stop here. Perhaps you wish to continue with your diving education by pursuing more advanced-level or specialty diving courses. Perhaps now you are able to travel to that exotic location you’ve always dreamed of, and finally see what wonders lie beneath its waves. Or perhaps the life of a professional diver is something that calls you on.
Whatever you choose, please remember to be respectful of the aquatic world you are able to visit. Whether it be a rocky shoreline or a sandy beach, a pod of dolphins or a solitary shark, a lake of sea grass or a majestic coral reef, please remember that we are visitors to the aquatic realm and its creatures deserve our respect. If we help to protect it, we protect the future for divers worldwide.
Once again, congratulations, and thank you all for your fine support!